Our History

A parish school was actually started two years before the church as a means for children too distant from St. Boniface's parish school. It was located near Watson Springs, just south of South Park. When St. Mary's Parish was formed and the church built in 1867, the schoolchildren were transferred to two classrooms below the church. The following year a school was built on the playground. That sufficed until a convent was built in 1893, where half of the convent was used for the Sisters and half as a school serving split grade levels, 1/2nd, 3/4th, 5/6th, and 7/8th. Classes continued in the rectory until the St. Mary's School building was erected in 1923-1924.

The current Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, formerly St. Mary's, was formed in 2006 as a result of a combination of All Saints (the former St. John), St. Boniface, and St. Mary Catholic parishes into one. We have received a great legacy from all of the parishes. We are proud to continue that legacy and create new memories for future generations.